Asset finance 

Many businesses will find they need a variety of equipment in order to get set up or expand their operations but may not have the ready cash needed to purchase such goods. One potential solution is to use asset finance, and here at Peacock Finance our experts will be able to advise you on how this option could work for your organisation. 
Asset finance normally involves paying a regular charge for use of the asset over an agreed period of time, with the most usual types being leasing and hire purchase. Leasing gives you access to new kit way by renting it for a set period, without owning it, whereas hire purchase allows you to buy the assets on credit. We’ll be able to examine all these options and recommend what is most suitable for you and your business. 
The success rate for businesses applying for asset finance is high compared with other forms of finance. It can be used to fund any asset, from basic office equipment such as telephones and photocopiers to factory machinery and high-value goods. 
The different types of asset finance can offer you a number of advantages: 
They give you access to the goods you need without experiencing the cashflow disadvantage of a purchase 
Finance agreements can be tailored to your needs, with flexibility on the term and repayment schedule 
Leasing and hire purchase are good budgeting tools as payments are usually fixed, allowing improved cashflow management 
For assistance with obtaining asset finance, please call us to see how we can help or submit an enquiry and we will contact you.  
Our advice is given freely, in confidence and without obligation. 
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