A man on a mission 

At Peacock Finance we go out of my way to help anyone with the whisper of potential and the determination to succeed, but every now and again a very special case comes along, and Hull-based property developer James Ledger is one such case. 
This visionary whirlwind of a man is on a single-handed mission to unearth the beauty in Hull landmarks that most people would overlook. 

Treasures hidden beneath 

Starting six years ago with the development of a large building overlooking historic Pearson Park into flats, James has gone on to complete high quality renovations of the former Charterhouse School on Wincolmlee and the 19th Century Winding House on Victoria Dock. He’s currently working on the transformation of the Endsleigh Centre former nunnery on Beverley Road and is preparing to build an iconic and ultra-modern newbuild development of 67 flats off Freetown Way, where the Register Office used to be. 
Peacock Finance has helped him source the vital funding he needed to turn these visions into reality. 
“Darren sent me a speculative letter one day in 2014, about the old Coach House I was about to renovate in Pearson Park,” said James. 
“He asked if I needed finance for the project, and if there was anything he could do to help. 
“It was a round robin mailing and the kind of thing I usually throw away but there was something about it that made me pick up the phone and give him a buzz. 
“We met for a coffee and Darren came down to see the project. I had some finance in place at that point but he continued sending me ideas that were workable and interesting, and it really took off from there. 
“He secures me the deals I need to keep the business moving forward, and his knowledge and connections have been a significant factor in me achieving success with them. 
“Together, we work out exactly what I need and he goes out and gets it in one form or another. And of course, he’s a really nice guy, which also helps.” 

No stopping James 

There’s no doubt James is focused on achieving big things. Rolling seamlessly from one major project to the next, he jokes ‘I’ve got to get my knighthood somehow! and it’s easy to believe he’d actually do it! 
Starting his career in derivatives trading and hedge funds, James worked on a Chinese government project to renovate Beijing’s world-famous hutong alleyways before returning to his hometown of Hull to tackle some of its best-known landmarks. 
Daunted by nothing, he sees beauty where others fail to note it and is driven by a passion for restoration. Many of the sites he takes on have been empty or derelict for some time. 
“What excites me is being able to do something better or bigger – something that makes people step back and think ‘wow, I didn’t think it was possible to do that with this’. I want to create a legacy that we can all be proud of in a really fantastic city,” concludes James. 
You can read more about my work with James in my blog. 
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